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Business Scenario

Leveraging PwC's extensive industry experience and digital analytical techniques, we enhance the full process of corporate data analysis and management services. Our platform facilitates swift, efficient, and in-depth analysis in data extraction, validation, analysis, and insightful visualization.

Business Challenges

Low Utilization of Data Management

Due to rapid business growth and limited managerial capacity, the enterprise is unable to support timely and accurate data analysis and operational decision-making.

Internal Data Isolation

Disconnected internal business and financial systems, leading to underutilization of data. This impacts the accuracy of obtaining operational status during investment, financing, and daily management.

Lack of Real-time Decision Support

Insufficient data management and analysis, it is challenging to quickly and efficiently obtain accurate insights for financing and operations, impacting decision-making outcomes.

How We Can Help

Leveraging PwC M&A team's comprehensive analysis of KPI across various industry segments, mature analytical methodologies, and extensive industry expertise, we tailor digital analysis platform solutions according to the specific circumstances of the enterprise. Integrated with companies specifics, our solution features a data dashboard and packages from the data center, visually showcasing both qualitative and quantitative business insights into the company's operations and financial status, empowering business management and decision-making.

Key Features

Lightweight Deployment, High-Quality Solutions The solution is designed to integrate with the company's existing management model. Connecting with client's internal data without altering the company's workflow, ensures efficient data processing and real-time feedback. There's no need to install a new system, avoiding costly time and replacement expenses. Additionally, rapid data cleansing can be performed to ensure the accuracy of subsequent computational logic.

Customized data models and logic The visual dynamic analysis dashboard integrates our analysis of key indicators in various industry segments, mature systematic analysis methodologies, and industry expertise. By incorporating clients' business contexts, we construct exclusive data models and computational logics, strengthening the company's business and financial infrastructure and offering support for management and decision-making.

The data inspection module makes data issues transparent Upload well-organized data, and our system will automatically retrieve field formats and file relationships in the data checking module. Once confirmed, you can upload them to the cloud for cloud computing. Through concise displays, it visually presents raw data issues, reducing repetitive data preparation tasks.

Business Benefits

Establish a comprehensive business management system to enhance decision-making efficiency We can assist companies in building connections between businesses, establishing comprehensive indicator analysis systems across all business modules. This deepens the dimensions of business analysis, enhances the quality of analysis, and aids in the generation, execution, and supervision of management decisions.

Empower companies with data-driven management, clarifying the path of corporate development With the aid of advanced data analysis tools and a comprehensive financial and operational analysis framework, we help companies navigate through the data haze, clarifying the path for corporate development to meet the needs of internal management and external investors.

Produce various reports for businesses to understand their financial and operational performance, achieving cost reduction and enhanced efficiency By establishing data input logic and confirming automated system computations, there is a significant improvement in daily report generation, thereby greatly minimizing manual costs.

Product Modules

Industry Analysis Module Tailored to industry specifications, this module predefines business processes and further tailor the logic in each process according to the particular circumstances of the enterprise. Furthermore, the data analysis dashboard, built upon the data center, encompasses key analytical dimensions used by management daily, providing a visual overview of the company's overall operational status. Fund Management Analysis Module Based on the results of interviews with the management, we tailor-make digital solutions for funds, integrating information at both the project and fund levels to enhance management efficiency. It dynamically presents data across various perspectives, offering an intuitive understanding of overall project and fund statuses.

Finance Reporting Module Formulating a data-driven solution tailored to the company's specific circumstances, we create an integrated business and financial analysis system, ranging from data collection to end output, which supports the company in building an automated operational and financial reporting framework. Bank Statement Investigation Module A comprehensive, multi-dimensional investigation into the cash flow of the target company to identify financial anomalies. By contrasting bank statements with journal entries and balance sheets. This module uncovers hidden insights within bank statements related to operational quality, fund movement, advanced payments, and potential conflicts of interest.

Equity Structure Management Module Using business registration data, this module untangles intricate equity relationships, considering historical shareholdings, executive employment, and external investments. It identifies equity relationships between the target company and clients, potential investments or employment of executives in both directions, as well as affiliations between clients and suppliers. Automated Public Data Queries Using API-driven automated query technology, we automatically download relevant information such as exchange rates and stock prices from public data sources, assisting businesses in initializing and building their foundational databases.

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