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Business Scenario

The EIHQ Solution supports conglomerate enterprises in an end-to-end operation management spanning the entire business domain and process, from strategy to operational control. It enables clients to promptly identify operational risks, makes strategic decisions efficiently and precisely, and ensures the "top-down" effective implementation of the group's strategy to the operational activities of its subsidiaries, as well as the "bottom-up" timely feedback.

Business Challenges

Vast disparities in integration

There are vast disparities in the analysis metrics system of each business sector, the business maturity and the level of digitalisation.

Insufficient informatization

Insufficient informatization often lead to a heary reliance on manual filling and verification, poor accuracy of results, impeding the efficiency and quality.

Low level of data aggregation

A low level of data aggregation coupled with dispersed storage impedes the integrity of available data and the formation of valuable data insights.

How We Can Help

A one-stop enterprise solution can be applied across various sectors, i.e. manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and FMCGs, prioritizing a customer-centric approach to business management, harnessing comprehensive data operations across all domains. By doing so, it offers clients a holistic, full-lifecycle precision in operational management, catering to diverse industrial needs while maintaining a core focus on customer experience and value optimisation.

  • PwC offers consultacy services tailored for businesses, i.e. management digitisation, business transformation, data governance, and cloud adoption.
  • Our services encompass a wide range of businesses, including subsidiary performance operations, marketing, order fulfillment, supply chain management, operations, administration, and financial controls.
  • We also offer customised development of management dashboards, large displays for business domains, PC analytics, and mobile platform solutions.

Key Features

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms presents substantial business value in managing group-level risks and enhancing profits Unnoticed anomalies in product demand or delayed perceptions of product attrition can be effectively addressed, and timly intervention and remedial actions concerning customer, product loss and unexpected anomalies can be taken in the sales process through early sales warning system.

Incorporating IoT technology The IoT platform allows harmonized and unified operation via access to devices from various manufacturers and multiple protocol types, by efficiently integrating data, cleaning, storage, and analysis of end-to-end touchpoints to significantly enhance the development experience.

Leading Cloud Infrastructure Based on Huawei Cloud Huawei boasts a premier cloud infrastructure founded on the "Qingtian" architecture, empowering an extensive ecosystem with core services.

Business Benefits

Reducing labor costs for data acquisition and sharing By aggregating and managing state-owned data, the solution reduces the data acquisition, processing and communication costs of provincial and municipal companies. It is estimated that the labor cost can be saved by 10+ million RMB per year.

Reducing Redundant Data Platform and Application Investments The headquarters establishes a unified data middle platform to avoid duplicate construction of subsidiary data platforms. In the data middle office, a multi-level data application scenario is built to support headquarters, subsidiaries, and front-line operations, and a business innovation and sharing mechanism is formed, which is expected to save 10+ million RMB in the construction cost of data platform and data application.

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