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Business Scenario

PwC's One Stop Order Management Solution originated with the aim of supporting overseas sales order operations. It is primarily designed for businesses engaged in international trade, acting as a bridge to connect the supply-demand chain of companies operating overseas. It facilitates the entire sales order operational process from end-to-end, encompassing everything from order acceptance, procurement, and production to customs clearance and shipment, covering the full transactional pathway.

Business Challenges

The overview of business operations is not clear

Primarily due to the significant and complex differences in operation by businesses across global regions, a lack of a unified and consistent operating model.

Unable to fully control the business operations

Due to the lack of fine-tuned management methods, companies find it challenging to ensure that local operations are implemented efficiently and to standard.

Can’t support the continuous growth of business

Poor resilience can't achieve full-process automation and coordination, and the initially constructed overseas supply chan hard to adapt to new environment.

How We Can Help

The One Stop Order Management Solution is founded upon the streamlining and optimisation of the entire sales order process value chain. It decouples functionalities closely related to different stages of sales order operations from their original application systems and integrates them, reshaping the value of traditional order management systems.

Key Features

The Solution helps businesses to consolidate their sales order data within the system. It presents key management performance indicators to provide a strong foundation for business management, i.e. assessments based on pre-delivery information for freight forwarders, order delivery accuracy, and the utilization rate of shipping resources, all of which drive operational optimisation.

The One Stop Order Management Solution robustly supports businesses in tracking key links in the sales order process. By integrating operational metrics, it empowers businesses engaged in international trade to enhance their visibility into their operations, thereby clearly understanding the health and status of their business.

The solution emphasizes enabling agile business models. It supports various demand modes, such as sales based on orders and inventory. It caters to multiple procurement modes of businesses, including in-house manufacturing, outsourced processing, and partial outsourcing scenarios. Furthermore, it underpins various customs clearance modes, like self-handled and entrusted method, etc.

It is allows for the decoupling of sales order management and booking management modules, so that the cabin booking management module can be deployed independently, integrating with existing business systems. This tailored approach precisely matches the needs of business operating abroad and enhances operational efficiency.

The solution provides comprehensive risk management within the supply chain, includes connecting supply and demand to achieve demand visibility, enhancing the accuracy of order commitments, managing shipping schedules, and handling the intricate changes. It precisely gauges the risks, increases the accuracy of revenue, and optimises the capability to track shipping costs. Furthermore, by monitoring the progress of receivables, it ensures timely tracking of the entire process.

Business Benefits

The One Stop Order Management Solution maximises the ability of businesses to visualise the entire order process. Based on a company's business needs, it sets key milestones in the sales order process, allowing for real-time displays of an order's progress and its current stage. Additionally, the solution can provide visualisation of procurement to both internal factories and external suppliers. These suppliers can log into the OMS portal to view purchasing requirements timely.

The solution supports data segregation settings to ensure the security of sales order data while providing suppliers with visualisation for procurement requirements. Similarly to the EDI auto-order receiving capability, it also offers the ability to establish system integration with internal factories or external suppliers.This facilitates the online transmission of purchase orders, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of order placements to suppliers. For the business model that operates based on inventory sales, the solution includes in-transit inventory in its calculation rules, enhancing the ability and accuracy of order commitments. In scenarios where customer demands cannot be met, the solution provides precise delivery dates, thus improving the customer experience.

The solution can adjust rules and logic for different dates based on varying business scenarios, i.e. the requested/actual shipping date, the factory's requested/actual shipping date, etc. These data will be provided to support for internal assessments, as well as evaluations of suppliers, third-party freight forwarders, and others regarding their shipping performance. Concurrently, the solution highlights weaker aspects of business operations, pinpointing areas that need prioritized attention for optimization.

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