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Business Scenario

PwC's Alternative Investment Digitalisation (AID) provides at full solution throughout each user's entire value-chain, providing service productisation of PwC's professional services focusing on fundraising, investment, portfolio and cashflow, enabling the alternative investment industry to make the critical leap from digitalisation to intelligence.

Business Challenges

Added emphasis on full life cycle of data

Taking advantage of industry insights and rich application scenarios, we help enterprises evolve into digi-telligence across a range of areas.

Greater value of strategy and operation

Corporate-VC, SoE and FoF types of investors all continue to increase, bringing greater focus to strategic value, industrial synergy, sustainable operations, and exit strategies.

Traditional software unable to meet needs

Traditional software isn’t equipped to handle modern service requirements or penetrating data chains. A lack of industrial synergy, relevant data, and industry expertise, often result in inefficient operations.

Customer Pain Points

Another department purchased the investment management products, but they were not used after implementation. The separation between system and process is a big problem.——Leader of a Corporate VC investment institution

We want to carry out post-investment management utilising data, but in actual operations, we either aren’t able to obtain the data of the invested enterprise, or the quality is poor, and we aren’t able to undertake sufficient analysis.——Representative from a VC investment institution

We implemented the system of an international platform, but with the business expansion, the relevant systems have been unable to meet the needs of the rapidly developing investment business.
——Representative from a state-owned investment management institution

How We Can Help

PwC's AID combines global best practices with China market insights. Our solution is customer-oriented, modular, and tailored to each client’s needs. Our solution spans multitude of industries and is easy to use and upgrade. We provide a "consulting + software + service" model that addresses industry pain points and enterprise development needs. From the perspective of the whole value chain of users, we enable and implement digital transformation and upgrades for enterprises based on data, industry research and expert insight.

Key Features

Services with China insights As a market leader in China, we ranks first for 18 consecutive years in the “Top 100 accounting firms in ‘2020’ rankings” released by The Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA), leading tax advisor in Asia Pacific region and the top M&A advisor across China.

Productisation of services We present customers with standardised online scenario-based approach services and offline value-added solutions adhering to the SwaS model, embedded with PwC’s ‘super brain’ services, that involve standardised services within our digital alternative investment solution.

Ecologisation of product We provide one-stop ‘consulting + software + service’ packages based on a low-code platform for alternative investment, and product services. Consequently, we can link strategic and ecological partners to gain the perspective of the whole value of all users.

Independence, objectivity, and fairness We offer reliable, professional services that align with the healthy and sustainable development of the asset management industry, guided by our professional ethics.

Long-term We provide customer satisfaction-oriented iterations and upgrades of products and services with a view to long-term gains, helping customers transform seamlessly from digital to intelligent asset management, while improving the quality and standard of services in the industry.

Business Benefits

Fully Meet the digital needs of alternative investments AID consists of an all-in-one modular digital solution that satisfies a variety of the alternative industry’s needs. It boasts easy-to-implement customisations and is readily adaptable by making use of an eminently accessible low-code platform.

Reduce investment risk Arrange the risks of each critical path of "fundraising, investment, portfolio and cashflow", laying out the foundations for digital empowerment and insights that aid management efficiency and effectiveness.

Supply professional team support and experience Your full-time partner focusing on the alternative investment industry from consulting on products and services, will add a new layer of support with enhanced digital intelligence.

One-stop Customer success team

Partner responsibility system The same partner will connect with you throughout the service to ensure timely and smooth communication, as well as ensure quality management of project delivery.

Full-time asset management product team Composed of a core team from a world-renowned investment management platform based in China, with experience gained from numerous local successful cases, we offer dedicated services to drive our customers' success.

Parallel consulting services The largest transaction consulting team in Mainland China provides strategic planning, operation management, transaction support, crisis management and a range of other services related to M & A of transactions through the AID platform. By continuously collecting and interpretating data, and applying indicators, we offer ongoing market insights, with dynamic analysis for various industries.

Professional operation and maintenance support The system platform offers 24/7 support ranging from operation and maintenance experts, as well as customer training and knowledge transfer services. Further, following delivery of the consulting service, we continue to provide product iterations & upgrades.

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