Privacy Ready

Designed for China Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) compliance management, Privacy Ready aims to automate the personal information protection impact assessment (PIA) workflow, with scenario-aware questionnaires, auto-generated reports, and visualized dashboard.

How we can help

Automated and Accurate

Scenario-aware assessment questionnaires with built-in risk factors and rules engine. Accurate identification of compliance risks and one-click auto-generated assessment results/reports.

Professional and Trustworthy

Comprehensive coverage of relevant regulations, national standards and guidelines. Professional presentation of asset inventories and assessment reports supported by audit trails.

Lightweight and Efficient

End-to-end privacy management with predefined workflows for efficient multi-party collaboration. Customizable design to deal with regulatory and business changes.

How Privacy Ready works

Privacy Ready provides enterprises with a one-stop online collaborative portal for PIPL compliance management. It enables gap assessment at both corporate and specific business scenario levels, supported with professional assessment questionnaires with built-in risk factors and rules engine. Particularly, granular assessment criteria are applied to focus areas like cross-border data transfer and mobile apps, to reflect the up-to-date regulatory requirements. The assessment results will flag the potential compliance gaps to facilitate the decision-making process for DPO and the management, with end-to-end remediation progress tracking and complete audit trails. Asset inventories, including personal information data attributes, processing systems, and third party vendors, will be captured by Privacy Ready automatically, and presented in an intuitive and centralized view. Assessment reports could be generated and exported in Word through one-click, providing great portability. Privacy Ready is also customizable, in response to regulatory and business changes.

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Product features

Assessment Process

Intuitive and easy-to-understand assessment questionnaires, based on PIPL and relevant regulatory requirements, enable users to quickly identify compliance risks in specific business scenarios.

Asset Inventories

Automatically generated asset inventories, providing a holistic view for DPO, including personal information data attributes, processing systems, and third party vendors.

Risk Dashboard

Visualized risk dashboard with instant risk statistics, distribution of risk sources, and link to corresponding issue descriptions.

Report Generation

One-click generation of assessment reports, which are exportable in Word format, providing great portability.

Use cases

Data Protection Officer

Comprehensively monitor corporate personal information processing activities, data assets and risk distribution, provide professional guidance on privacy compliance for business scenarios, and enable continuous optimization.

Digital Project Manager

Assess privacy compliance risks for digital projects upfront and embed privacy protection into product design.

Consumer/HR Business Owner

Keep track privacy compliance status and risk exposures for specific business scenarios and manage business compliance risks.

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