Advanced Tax ERP

Combining effective tax planning and ERP management, this solution is a critical asset that ensures productive planning and efficient delivery of tax strategy. The configurable low-code tax platform enables rapid implementations at lower costs and empowers you to create customised features that meet business and regulatory needs.

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Real-time tax management using data

Holistic management with real-time key drivers of effective tax rate - ETR, risks and KPIs for top management and owners to better shape business models

Configurable at a lower cost

A configurable solution that responds to change quickly, decisively, and at a competitive price. Therefore, it’s more adaptive to the constantly changing tax specifications

Better use of data assets

Fine data granularity and management transform tax data into a strategic asset that allows tax functions to report and manage goals quickly and effectively

How Advanced Tax ERP Works

Advanced Tax ERP is a comprehensive and low-code tax management platform that helps you to effectively manage tax strategy, drive data transparency, improve compliance capability, and dramatically transform a tax department’s efficiency. It utilises various tax management KPIs, such as ETR, to monitor tax processes and assist management decisions in real-time. The configurable and low-code characteristics of this platform provides flexibility and can accommodate different organisational structures, workflows, data quality and more.

Product features

Integrate tax planning in business operations

Manage tax related deliverables including calculations, scenario planning, pricing simulation and entity charting in transfer pricing, R&D scenarios and more

Fine data granularity

Manage data collection, traceability, processing and even inspect journal vouchers with a centralised data repository to make data a strategic asset

Low-code and configurable design

Easily configurable by users without coding to accommodate various organisation structures, workflows, data quality, rules and more, to meet tax needs

Real-time management KPIs and analytics

Integrated with various tax risk indexes and management report templates that abide by industrial practices to facilitate an informed decision making process

Product Modules

Tax Compliance Automation

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How Tax Compliance Automation Works

This module provides a centralised automation solution for tax compliance management. It increases efficiency for corporate, SSC or entity level tasks, delivers tax insights to management and boosts business value. Moreover, it is configurable to meet various tax specifications.

Tax Reporting and Analysis

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Tax Risk Management

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Overseas Tax Management

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Tax Research and Development (R&D) Management

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Asset Management Solution

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Related Parties Transaction Management

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Effective Tax Rate Management

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Deferred Tax Management

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Country by Country Reporting

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Retail Compliance Automation

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Digital Compliance for Start-ups

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Tax Audit Track and Manage

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Tax Data and Documentation Management

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Accounts Mapper

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Advanced Tax ERP Workflow

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