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Consumer Markets

Consumer markets continuously utilise digital technologies to create new sources of value for customers and increase overall operational agility. At PwC, our digital solutions and retail experts bring world-leading technologies and experience to help you meet consumer demands while seizing new growth opportunities.
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Financial Services

Financial markets are becoming more competitive than ever. To keep up with the waves of change, we offer innovative solutions and unique industry insights to help you keep up with the evolving customer demands, changing regulations, and new market competitions.
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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry faces enormous challenges. Key mandates include driving IT-related initiatives to reduce business costs and support new operating models. Our digital solutions are tailored to solve our client's unique business needs to improve business efficiency, promote transparency for business processes, and build trust among all stakeholders.
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Explore PwC software that drives your business grow

Digital Education

Speed up access to effective information and reduce costs for business related learning
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Financial Management

Explore our product portfolio to enable effective and efficient management of financial information
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Legal & Compliance

Identify, understand, and report on the legal and compliance items that are important to your business.
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Accelerate business outcomes with integration, extensibility, and flexibility.
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Drive sustainability by empowering operations, financial data and insights into your business processes.
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Tax Software

Achieve your tax objectives and move your business forward with our innovative tax products.
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Our Product Journey

Expectations around Digital Acceleration are sky high. PwC created this wide range of Digital Products and Solutions to help you grow at speed throughout your transformation journey. Reimagine your business and new opportunities with our client insight-driven, service-led solutions that target your local and specific needs.

Learn from PwC’s trusted insights on the digital future

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Digital Product Day on CIIE 2021 (Chinese only)

1 Dec 2021
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Launch of low-code platform ‘Digital Maker’ at CIIE 2021

26 Nov 2021
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PwC’s Digital Maker: A response to digitalised challenges

22 Nov 2021
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PwC’s Products: Low Code for Digital Workforce Mobilization

3 September 2021
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JNExpert Webinar on Workplace Transformation (Chinese only)

17 June 2021
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Global InnoMatch Expo 2021, Shanghai

31 May 2021 – 2 June 2021
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